Technology Platform

Built for scale and flexibility.

We’ve built an advanced assessment development and delivery platform designed for easy integration with applications and platforms. Our Technology Platform includes a complete package of features for selection, authoring, and delivery. Every element of our platform has been built from the ground-up with flexibility in mind. It is:


Flawless, anywhere delivery of real-time data about student performance.

All of our item rendering and authoring components are designed to be highly configurable. Because there are no separate logins to an external system, developers can embed them directly into platform in a way that’s transparent for end- users.


Our SaaS platform is designed from the ground up and for the high capacity needed for quick, consistent delivery to large numbers of students. We use redundant, linearly scalable systems, and promise 24/7 monitoring and data back-up.


CoreSpring makes the build/buy decision easy by making components embeddable in any web-based platform, allowing you to deliver assessment functionality with minimum effort. Our powerful REST APIs give full control of the content and data in your application.

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