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Software Developer

Attila's favorite teacher was his High School English teacher, Mrs. Garcia Diaz. She always managed to weave some life-wisdom into the otherwise brilliant classes.{{ moreattila }} →

Attila the Hun(garian) has been involved with computers for longer than he can remember. When he sat in front of the first Commodore 64, it was love at first sight. Before CoreSpring, Attila worked on a broad spectrum of software products ranging from online games to healthcare automation. Attila has many hobbies like gardening, skiing, table tennis, and swimming but he’s most obsessed with programming. He now devotes a high percentage of his attention to his new son.

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Software Developer

Ben's favorite teacher was his high school Computer Science science teacher Mr. Hair, who had a fantastic sense of humor and who taught Ben the early fundamentals.{{ moreben }} →

Ben is a Pittsburgh based software engineer with interests in many different languages. Professionally he regularly uses Scala, Javascript, and Ruby but has also spent a few years doing Java development.

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Software Developer

Ed’s favorite teacher was his Art Teacher Daragh O’Connell because he believed (more than Ed did himself) that he should go to Art College to explore creative thinking.{{ moreed }} →

Ed is from Dublin, Ireland. After dabbling in the creative arts as a graphic designer and DJ, he discovered the most creative endeavor of all: software development. Before joining CoreSpring, Ed worked in the UK and Germany on a variety of web applications as a consultant for Adobe.

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Co-Founder, CTO

Evan’s favorite teacher was Ms. McConville, his geography teacher. Learning was fun in Ms. McConville’s class and he still uses what he learned from her today.{{ moreevan }} →

A transplant to New York from Dublin, Evan started his career as an audio-engineer doing studio and radio work, and restoring vintage soul and blues recordings for a US record label. But a computer-geek at heart since his teenage years, he was soon drawn into that as a profession. Since then he has spent 17 years developing software in diverse fields including television and publishing, on ​different platforms including server, mobile​,​ and desktop. The last 10 years have been spent in education technology. When not indoors in front of a computer, he can probably be found sailing a boat somewhere.

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Co-Founder, CEO

Gwen’s favorite teacher was her 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Fruitt. Mrs. Fruitt made learning challenging, had high expectations, and was fun. Her April Fools' Day joke was classic.{{ moregwen }} →

Gwen comes from a long line of educators and attended public school ​o​n the mean streets of suburban Massachusetts. After what felt like a lifetime in Management Consulting, she made her way to New York City where she started work at Teachscape. There, she developed a passion for improving public education and since then has worked exclusively on improving public education using technology through her work at New Visions for Public Schools, NewSchools Venture Fund, as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Bellwether Education Partners, and now at CoreSpring. When not working, she’s catching up on the news, running up and down the west side highway, and chasing a 7lb Chihuahua who thinks he is a Great Dane.

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Software Developer

Ralf’s favorite teacher was his Chemistry teacher Mrs. Park. Besides the marvelous chemical experiments she presented, she always encouraged him to think big.{{ moreralf }} →

Ralf hails from Berlin, Germany. Throughout his career he was mostly working for banks in the London area. When his friend Ed told him about a new opportunity and all of the wonderful state-of-the-art technology they were using, he quickly decided to leave banking behind and joined CoreSpring.

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Content Production

Whitney's favorite teacher was Mrs. McQueen in 7th grade, who made Algebra fun and easy to understand every day.{{ morewhitney }} →

Whitney began her career teaching High School Biology in the public school system. After transitioning out of the classroom, she moved to New York City to work with Computers for Youth to help promote digital learning in the classroom and in the home. She has also spent time providing blended learning professional development for educators. Being relatively new to New York, Whitney spends her free time visiting the different neighborhoods of Manhattan.