Item Model

CoreSpring items contain a set of properties returned when searching for items.

Property Description Type
id A unique identifier for the item string
author The item author string
title The item title, if available string
collection The identifier for the collection to which the item belongs string
description A description of the item, if available string
primarySubject The primary subject associated with the item, e.g., {subject: "Algebra", category: "Mathematics"} object
relatedSubject An array of related or secondary subjects if specified, e.g., [{subject: "Algebra", category: "Mathematics"}] array
copyrightOwner The owner of copyright string
credentials The copyright owner's credentials related to item development, e.g., Assessment Developer, Test Item Writer, State Department of Education, District Item Writer, Teacher , Student, Other string
gradeLevel The grade level(s) associated with the item, e.g., ["K", "1"] array
standards Array of Common Core Standards associated with the item object
keySkills The skills associated with the item: define, duplicate, list, memorize, recall, repeat, reproduce state, classify, describe, discuss, explain, identify, locate, recognize, report, select, translate, paraphrase, choose, demonstrate, dramatize, employ, illustrate, interpret, operate, schedule, sketch, solve, use, write, appraise, compare, contrast, criticize, differentiate, discriminate, distinguish, examine, experiment, question, test, appraise, argue, defend, judge, select, support, value, evaluate, assemble, construct, create, design, develop, formulate, write array
depthOfKnowledge The item's classification with regard to the Depth of Knowledge framework: Level 1 Recall & Reproduction, Level 2 Skills & Concepts, Level 3 Strategic Thinking/Reasoning, Level 4 Extended Thinking string
bloomsTaxonomy The item's classification with regard to Bloom's Taxonomy: Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Evaluating, Creating string
priorUse The original use of the item: Formative, Interim, Benchmark, International Benchmark, Summative, Other object
reviewsPassed The type(s) of reviews conducted to contribute to item quality: Editorial, Bias, Fairness, Content, Psychometric, All, None, Other object
lexile The numeric representation of an individual's reading ability or a text's readability number
copyrightYear The year during which the claimed copyright was first asserted number
copyrightExpiration The year during which the claimed copyright expires number
costForResource The cost for creation of the resource number
copyrightLicensing The type of license granted for use: CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, CC-BY-NC, CC-BY-ND, CC-BY-NC-SA, Other object
minimumWidth The minimum width, in pixels, the item will occupy when rendered number
interactionCount The number of interactive components contained within the item number