Content Collections

Handpicked for students. Created by experts.

With CoreSpring’s advanced question bank, educators have access to handpicked assessment items that are designed for — and organized by — College and Career Readiness Standards. Items are immediately scored and evaluated so data can be used to inform the next lesson, discussion or activity. Because education experts have curated the collections, teachers can spend less time sorting through non-vetted materials, and more time personalizing instruction.

Selection And Vetting

CoreSpring uses its deep industry experience to gather, evaluate and offer only the highest quality formative assessment content from trusted providers of open education content. Our content is sourced from nationally and Internationally renowned assessment creators who specialize in specific content areas and state Departments of Education that are known for their newly created, rigorous assessments. We ensure all of the items are focused on college and career readiness and we have designed our collection around assessments that help educators and students achieve better outcomes. We make sure to secure permission for use. Our list of content providers continues to grow; here is a sampling of some of them:

  • Aspire Public Schools
  • College Board
  • Delaware Department of Education
  • Illinois State Board of Education
  • Illustrative Mathematics
  • New Classrooms Innovation Partners
  • Kentucky Department of Education
  • Louisiana Department of Education
  • New England Common Assessment Program
  • New York State Education Department
  • ReadWorks, Inc.
  • State of New Jersey Department of Education
  • Rigor and Engagement

    Each hand-picked item is:

    • Addressing skills in K–12 Mathematics, English Language Arts, Literacy, and Science.
    • Universally tagged so that educators can compare content using important criteria like aligned standards, Bloom’s Taxonomy, key skills, and demonstrated knowledge.
    • Rich with a variety of interactions and media for maximum engagement.
    • Simple to integrate into your application through our Technology Platform’s CMS, or by using our powerful API.